Looking Forward

We are at the tail end of a very intense heat wave here in Portland, but even in the middle of the suffocating heat, one does catch a brief breeze that seems to have blown in out of nowhere. 

I had a moment as such yesterday while walking Nike. It made me stop and look up, and then I caught a flash of autumn light even though the fall is still a few weeks away, and people are still going  about doing summer activities. The sun tilts, and the light changes. It happens so gradually that I hardly take notice, but when I do become aware, like I was yesterday afternoon, I always see in my mind's eye, the back of a small girl walking in front of me. She's always by herself and doesn't expect things to be otherwise. I consult her. I don't trust anyone else but her. She doesn't say much. She just knows. I'm shocked over and over again that someone so young so confidently possesses clarity and certainty. I try to keep her in view as long as possible, but those visions are always so fleeting just as the flickering glimpses of the times to come. And I wake up to the fog again.


Enough of the weird talk, how's your summer going? I've been checking things off my list of places to explore as I have mentioned last time. I have been going to the coast a lot. One of the places on the list was Neskowin Beach, from which these pictures are taken. 


During one of these excursions, I've also managed to find a coastal trail that I absolutely fell in love with, and for that reason, its whereabouts will always remain a secret. It is so lesser known that we had the entire trail all to ourselves. You walk down about a mile from the parking area and then two miles out onto a vast meadow and a spectacular ocean view. Of course, this means you have to walk back two and then UP one, which ends up being a respectable workout that calls for an awesome cold brew once you're back in the civilization. By now, some of you probably have figured out which trail I'm describing, but I bet you're happy to know that I'm not disclosing the name or any other info. Yeah, it will be our little secret. Let's preserve the good things as long as we can, shall we?

So, these are ancient sitka stumps that were revealed by the extreme storms back in the late 90's. Here is a link that does an awesome job at describing the whole place – TravelOregon. My personal tip would be to check the tide schedule before going, because during the high tide, the Ghost Forest could be well under water. For the one that I used, click here

Maybe I felt as though I've noticed a premature seasonal change because I have fall and winter constantly on my mind. I can say with some level of certainty that the second half of this year will be quite busy for my studio. There also will be some structural changes that will affect the website and my social media. You as a reader will not notice much, but it is not a small undertaking behind the scenes. 

Thanks to everyone, by the way, who stopped by at my booth and gave me business. So far, it's been a great market season. Something about things going well, keeps you even busier. You don't want to lose the momentum. 

I've been saying on my Instagram feed that something's been brewing in my studio. There will be another series of work and relevant products released before we all get swept into the rush of holiday season. So stay tuned. Keep watching and waiting.