Seattle Show. Summer List.

I can't believe that the Seattle show (Urban Craft Uprising) was already about a month ago. It was great to see how people from another city received my work. It was also fun driving around on much busier roads than Portland. I had to laugh at how my mean L.A. driver skills kicked into full gear in no time as soon as I reached Seattle proper.

Summer now is in full swing, and I am determined this year to check off the list of places that I've been wanting to explore. One of them is Opal Creek Wilderness.

Getting there felt like a real voyage into the wild due to the two hour drive from Portland which included seven miles or so of unpaved road as we got close to the entrance area. However, we arrived at relatively full parking lot even though it was fairly early in the day. Just like many other known outdoors locations in Oregon, this place too was attracting a lot of people, many, transplants like myself. I don't like to think that the hey days of Oregon outdoors is now over, but I can't help the thought that I wish I had caught the Pacific Northwest bug a lot earlier, like when I first visited Ashland Shakespeare Festival during my college years. Good news is, Opal Creek did not disappoint. The water was pristine and the ancient forest trail was beautiful, just as I had read.

Here is a little secret about this super pup. She can't swim. We found this out last year at Punchbowl Falls when she excitedly followed a chocolate lab into the swimming hole and immediately bobbed in and out of the water in panic. I'm pretty sure it's just a matter of time that she finds the swimmer in her, but until then, I'll need to get her a doggie life jacket, which I forgot for this trip.

Oh, well. Next time, because there will be a next time very soon. I'm not a bumper sticker person, but I keep catching myself staring at the green heart Oregon sticker every time I'm at Powell Books. We shall see. It just might be the thing my Subie needs. I love Oregon.