Have frisbee, will travel. Show Announcement

I have a friend down in Los Angeles who manages a creative account for Amgen. We met as colleagues back in 2005 at an ad agency and have become close friends over the years. I do some remote freelance work for her occasionally, but this time, she was absolutely swamped and needed me onsite. Knowing that I will be gone for at least two weeks, I decided to drive and take my dog with me. The weather the way it has been in Portland, I decided that the little pooch could use some sunshine, too.

The work was demanding, and I had to put in long hours each day. I sent her off to doggie daycare. However, whenever I found opportunity, I took her to parks and hiking trails. I had long forgotten about the Santa Ana winds and the bluster and the dry heat that the winds bring all across the southland. So whenever we were out there on trails, I had to keep my wits about me for rattlesnakes and even possibly for a mountain lion on early mornings. Yes, they are out there in LA and known to come daringly deep into neighborhoods. It's no joke, especially now that the tagged Santa Monica mountain lion reportedly has a new cub. 

The drive down to California, the work and the drive back, all have been quite much. It took a while for me to feel like I'm back in the swing of things after returning, but oh man, what a companion I have found in my border collie. She proved to be an excellent travel companion. As long as I gave her enough breaks along the way (and decent frisbee sessions), she was a happy camper. Thank goodness for the rest areas and their park-like settings along the Interstate-5 freeway, I really experienced the benefits of tax payers money at work. Now if they could do something about jacked-up road conditions that the long standing drought has left...

Meeting her long lost cousin :-)

Showing her downtown LA

This is where they filmed LA LA Land, mama!

Do you see the Hollywood sign?

A day at the office

Useless co-pilot, but I lover her so much.

Just briefly, on the work side, I have a new solo show opening coming up on June 1st, Thursday in the Pearl District. I'll post more on that pretty soon. Hope everyone's doing well. It's impossible to believe the first half of the year is  a l m o s t  over! Talk soon!