Oregon Coast. Portland Children's Museum.

September is upon us. Can you believe it? Me, my friend and my dog packed up and filed into my car last Monday for a short road trip down the Oregon Coast, trying to make the most of what's left of summer.

We drove through the wine country, bypassing our usual go-to Cannon Beach. From Lincoln City to Yachats to Florence, Oregon Coast proved to be beautiful and even magical. Even though it was a brief excursion, I fully enjoyed every moment of it. I love how the beaches open up to a vast field whenever the tides are low, making it perfect for Nike to run every direction she'd like until her wild drains out with the receding ocean water.

On the work end, I have been accepted into an artist residency program for Portland Children's Museum. It is an exciting opportunity which I believe will be creatively challenging and fulfilling. I am given three months – September to December – to collaborate with children for the museum's next gallery installation. I have regular on-campus open-workshop hours for any visitors, so please check PCM's website for their calendar, if you have children and would like to participate. Apart from vending along side other artists at Portland Saturday Market, I haven't had a regular workplace or colleagues in such a long time, I am both excited and somewhat intimidated about the idea. But really, it is a welcomed adjustment that I am happy to make.

It will be a little difficult one for this little canine girl, however, as she's used to having me around most of the time. It just means more exercise and longer frisbee sessions in the mornings and evenings. As we all know it, three months will fly by.