Procession, a New Painting

This is my latest painting. I stretched a 40x30 canvas and primed it using a palette knife with the intention of continuing "A Crow and the Star" series. Once I set it up on my easel and stood in front of it to get it going, I literally saw a rhinoceros behind all the wonderful textures the palette knife has created.


I actually had painted a rhino last year as a part of "Unlikely Heroes" series, but painted over it with something else because I wasn't happy with the end result. That one was a full body portrait with three humming birds carrying it, in keeping with the series. Something about it was off. I felt like I wasn't doing this magnificent animal the justice, especially considering the grave endangered state that they are in. So it was a bizarre but exciting moment when the big rhino head emerged out of the blue onto the blank canvas that was intended for a crow. I know it sounds "woo woo," but I felt like it was waiting for a right time to "show" me how it should be painted – zoom into the head, the horn, that's where the message is. I gladly took the detour from my current series and proud of how this has turned out.

Even though I'm quite certain that I will wake up tomorrow morning and start putting more finishing touches to it, I decided to post this today anyway. It's been a while that I've posted or painted a larger piece, but more importantly, I really love this one. I hope you do too.