New Graphic Design Section on My Website

It took a while to update my website with my graphic design portfolio. I always had a separate design url, but finally decided to merge it with

Graphic design has been my occupation, identity even, for many years since college. It was a practical way of putting my art degree to work after graduation — a safe fall-back option, as opposed to...what. As opposed to doing something daring like becoming a painter – a story teller.

After having been on this path of doing what resonates with my "real self" these recent years, I've come to accept the fact that design actually IS a valid part of who I am. There is no reason to separate that aspect of my life even as I am growing in my new so-called real pursuits. Designing, in essence is problem solving, which also is a very important component in story telling. As long as I'm in the business of telling stories, "problem solving" will always be a part of my daily task. I hope I'm making sense. Sorry if I lost you on this.

Well, the point is... there now is a graphic design section on my website! Check it out, especially if you have only known me as Joy who paints animals in unlikely situations. Happy Monday!