A Crow and the Star Series

Here is the second painting in the series, "A Crow and the Star." I titled this one "A Rescue."

Crows have become an obsession of mine ever since I moved to Portland and saw "murders" of them perching on towering bare winter oaks along the Willamette River front.

I once saw a documentary report of an in-depth study of crows and learned that they are surprisingly intelligent, curious and therefore, great problem solvers. In Korean culture, the crows are looked down upon as bad karma – which I think is unmerited and unfortunate – so, I've never really paid attention to them until recently.

The series will explore the curious nature of crows and my conjured-up relationship between a troublemaker/trickster bird and her star that was somehow taken from her, that she now has to rescue and reclaim. So far I'm having fun. There's more in the works.