One Hour Project

I'm sure those who follow me on Instagram have seen my "One Hour Project" series as of late. Jumping from painting to jewelry making does get me lost sometimes, and I felt the need to keep my sketchbook discipline going which has an amazing grounding effect on me. Started out sketching some of my old travel photos, but today, decided to change it up and worked on the irises that I picked up from Trader Joe's the other day.

Keep checking in on my Instagram for more in the future – there's a live feed in the "Connect" section of this website, too, if you don't use the app.

I'm excited because I already know that some of the sketches will turn into larger, more in-depth pieces, but also because this practice will only enhance my skills and style. There's something about focusing for one hour on a free-form creative task. My timer app's been very useful lately.